Craigellachie Scotch Whisky, Single Malt

Estd 1891. Old fashioned in 1891. Our distillery built on a rock bluff situated above the confluence of the River Fiddich and the River Spey. Craigellachie lies in the heart of speyside. Aged years - 13. Founders: Alexander Edward & Peter J Mackie. A style seldom met. In 1891 a whisky expert noted that Craigellachie represented a style of whisky seldom met with now, which we took as a compliment. Today we still use old-fashioned worm tubs to cool our spirit and bestow it with extra flavour, creating a dram to rival whiskies twice its age. Worm Tubs: A worm tub is a long copper tube, sitting in a large tank of cold water, which snakes back and forth and gradually gets narrower. In 1891 many distilleries condensed their spirit this way, giving their whiskies a distinctive, meaty character. Craigellachie is one of very few still benefiting from this traditional technique. No chill-filtering. Visit Enjoy responsibly. 46% Alc/Vol. Distilled and bottled in Scotland. Product of Scotland. Distilled by The Craigellachie Company, Aberlour, Banffshire, AB38 9ST. Scotland.