The smoothness of Evan Williams with the taste of spiced apple cider. Evan Williams Apple Orchard is a perfect twist on a fall favorite. With the smoothness of Evan Williams Bourbon and spiced apple cider flavor, this seasonal liqueur is reminiscent of the warm, homemade taste so many enjoy in a traditional apple cider. Served hot or cold, Evan Williams Apple Orchard is a perfect, ready-to-serve fall drink. It's a delicious addition to the season. Evan Williams established his distillery in 1783. Ever since these early colonial times, many have blended fine Kentucky Bourbon with apple cider as part of their seasonal celebrations. This traditional seasonal liqueur marries flavor and heritage in a special treat for the fall. Just heat and enjoy! 17% alc./vol. (34 proof). Prepared and bottled by Old Evans Williams Distillery, Bardstown, KY.