PictSweet Steam'ables Edamame with Sea Salt

Pictsweet® Steam'ables® Edamame with Sea Salt. Seasoned. Soybeans in the Pod. Steams in the Bag in Minutes! Fresh Frozen Deluxe from the Farm. Since 1945. Perfect as an Appetizer or Side Dish. Enjoy a great appetizer or complement your favorite meal with Pictsweet deluxe edamame with sea salt. Simply place this Steam'able bag in the microwave and in minutes, it expands as the steam begins to gently and evenly cook your wholesome beans to tender perfection. Edamame can be served as a tasty appetizer by gently pushing the beans from the pod into your mouth. For a crisp, wholesome addition to your favorite salad or meal, just shell and enjoy. www.pictsweet.com.