Juniper: Big Sur. Limes: Baja California. Fir Tree: Sonoma. Sea Kelp: Mendocino Coast. Mint: Santa Cruz. Almonds: Central Valley. Every year the California Gray Whale makes a 12,000-mile migration from the warm lagoons of the Baja Peninsula to the cool waters of the Arctic. Our small batch gin is a celebration of this incredible journey. Taste your way along the Pacific Coastline with every sip of this handcrafted gin. First, the aroma of Baja citrus hits you, followed by juniper and a subtle hint of coastal fir trees. As you move up the path, fresh mint and the umami flavors of kombu sea kelp are rounded out by a beautiful lasting almond finish. It's young, bold, and wise beyond its years. Enjoy the journey. Seven times distilled. Gluten free. We proudly support: Oceana protecting the World's Oceans. 1% for the planet. 100% grain neutral spirits. Twitter. Instagram. Facebook /GrayWhaleGin. 43% alc./vol.