A 12-gang of cans. Beer speaks. People mumble. Thanks for choosing to spend the near future with this Fine Ale. We at the Brewery dig it the most. We have been making this Ale this way since 1994 and hope you will feel as good about drinking it as we do about brewing it. We get to enjoy the company of each batch for about 16 days. From the Moment of Conception in the Mash Tun, through Gestation in the vast expanse of the Fermentation Cellar to the daily C-Section performed in the Filtration Department; all the way to final matriculation into Glass, Kegs, and Alumin-yum on the alter of two Filling Lines - when it finally moves out and Gets a Job-whereupon we clean the crud out of its room and start all over again. You, however, will only enjoy the company of this Ale for a few minutes and then a while longer as it insinuates itself into your Brain and Liver on its round-trip back to the Ocean of Lost Beers forever. Enjoy it while you can and don't worry-We'll make more! Call us: 707.769.4495. Alc. 6.2% by vol.