Kool-Aid Bursts Soft Drink Berry Blue - 6 PK

Kool-Aid Bursts Berry Blue Soft Drink. 75% less sugar than leading regular sodas. Artificial flavor. 20 calories per bottle. Six-6.75 fl oz (200ml) bottles. Available in a rainbow of flavors. Kool-Aid, jammers, tropical punch. Kool-Aid, lemonade. Kool-Aid, cherry. Kool-Aid, lemon-lime. Kool-Aid, orange. Kool-Aid, liquid, tropical punch. Kool-Aid, liquid, grape. Where there's Kool-Aid there's fun! Contains 0% juice. This product 5g sugar; leading regular sodas 23g sugars per 6.75 fl oz serving. Please refer to code numbers on bottle or carton sleeve with all inquiries. 1-(800) 367-9225. Not for sale in maine. ©Kraft Foods.