Lotrimin Antifungal Cream for Athlete's Foot

Lotrimin® AF Antifungal for Athlete's Foot. Contains the drug: clotrimazole. Clinically proven to cure most athlete's foot. Relieves itching, burning, cracking & scaling. Bayer. Clotrimazole cream. This formula is not sold to any retailer as a private label or store brand. Uses: Cures most athlete's foot, jock itch, and ringworm. Relieves itching, burning, cracking, scaling and discomfort which accompany these conditions. Recyclable carton. Bayer, The Bayer Cross, Lotrimin and Lotrimin foot and Bullseye design are registered trademarks of Bayer. Questions 1-866-360-3226. Visit us at www.lotrimin.com. ©2015 Bayer.