General Electric Crystal Clear Bulb 60w

Decorative G25 1 bulb. Energy-efficient. Uses 28% less energy (These bulbs use less energy than 60 watt incandescent bulbs while providing more light output (750 vs 720 lumens)). 60 watts incandescent replacement (Based on 3 hours use per day). Uses only 43 watts. Brightness: 750 lumens. 0.9 year life (Based on 3 hours use per day). Estimated Energy Cost: $5.18 per year. GE's best incandescent crystal clear line (GE's Best Incandescent Crystal Clear line provides the light qualities you love, but uses less energy: same size and shape fits same texture; same warm, pleasing light; same full dimmability). Visit us on the internet: 800-GE-Light. Made in Hungary. Brightness Quantity: 750 lumens. Energy Info: $5.18 43 watts. Package Info: 1. Bulb Info: Incandescent. Screw. Bulb Life: 0.9 years Based on 3 hrs/day. Bulb Appearance: 2900 k.