Pussers Rum Rum

British Navy. The original admiralty rum of the royal Navy. For more than three centuries, Great Britains Royal Navy issued a daily rum ration to its sailors. Over the years as distillation techniques were refined, the Admiralty's rum became especially flavorful as it was distilled in pot stills like single malt whiskey, excepting the stills were of wood instead of metal. This wooden distillation imparted an even more full and rich flavour that could ever be obtained from metal stills. Pusser's is the original Navy Rum, and is still produced in the original wooden pot stills that are now more than two centuries old. It is the only spirit brand in the world whose contents have been predominately produced this way. The rum in this bottle is the same superb rum that was being issued by the Admiralty at the time of the rum issues termination on July 31st, 1970. A substantial donation from the sale of each bottle of Pusser's Rum is made by the Royal Navy Sailor's Fund. This Pusser's contribution is the fund's largest source of outside income. 42% alc/vol. Bottled by Pusser's Rum Ltd. British Virgin Islands. Imported by Shaw-Ross International Importers, Miramar, FL. Product of Guyana West Indies.